AMC is Advanced Mobile Connector, an open-source Linux application which would allow you connect to internet from PC/Laptop using your mobile GPRS connection. It helps you to easily use the GPRS from your mobile device to connect internet without much hassle and it supports major mobile networks from India.


Robots would be the place whether my latest robotics endeavors would be posted.

Link: Coming soon

This is the information security portal of indiandragon. I would be posting my security research articles and also end to end security services.


A Sarcastic approach towards Technology - Marana Mokkai :/

Link :

Gounderattack is a fun and innovative facebook application. Random quotes from famous Indian comedian Dr.Goundamani is

generated with interactive flash content and published on your friends wall.


Note : This application is not maintained anymore.  Source code available at my facebook store,

Rajinimania is a random image and text generating facebook application which is iframe based and uses an advanced algorithm to generate random images of your choice very fast.


Note : This application is not maintained anymore.  Source code available at my facebook store,

Facebook Applications

[Retired&Removed] Hackintosh-India is an OSX86 project,

As an apple developer , I installed OSX on my normal X86 Computers using a legal retail disk and boot disk developed by me.

Link: hackintosh-india

Note : This project does not exist anymore. For videos, check the above link . Buy OSX along with original apple products. They are worth it !. Logo by Ajay.

Providing free quality Engineering education to students around the world via video tutorials and aiding mobile applications.

Android Applications

Providing Quality Engineering video lectures and crash courses from reputed universities and qualified private individuals through Android mobile application.

The application is regularly updated via server and accompanied by fully featured website.

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